The Crime

(A splash of insecurity)

This came from a story my wife told me recently of an incident when she was no more than seven years old. A policeman called at their house and as he walked up the drive, her father told her it was because she had jumped in a puddle and splashed a bus! She was understandably petrified by the prospect of paying for her ‘crime’. To this day she remembers how awful this made her feel.

It needs to be mentioned that my father-in-law was an upstanding citizen and a Naval Commander and did not deal in ‘white powder’ or any other substances (sounds a bit like a cut from Tom Lehrer’s ‘My Home Town’!). My father-in-law did in fact own a rifle because he regularly engaged in shooting competitively and the policeman was visiting to inspect it as part of the licensing process.

My wife has recovered from the trauma… just!

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