This blog carries a number of poems written by me. It will also carry poems by selected others or links to their sites.

3 Responses to Poems

  1. MOMENTS says:

    I have liked your poem dedicated to your stepmother very much. As you said, she was definitely a great woman with strong character. Probably that is why she lived up to the age of 99. I am sure you have taken the best part of her with you. Also, your ABOUT ME section is incredibly well done, truly honest, detailed and profound. I agree with Jamie Dedes that it is one of the best ABOUTS I have ever read. I like your honesty expressed with words saying that your writing is not for publication (well, who knows, now it is already published if it is online!). Your grandchildren already have and will continue to have a great legacy from you. I have come across your blog thanks to having discovered Jamie Dedes’ blog one day. I will get to the rest of your poems later and in more detail.

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