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The Mysteries of Butterflies and Puddings

© 2021 John N Anstie (alias PJ Na)From: Sheffield, United KingdomTitle: “The Mysteries of Butterflies and Puddings”Genre: Flash FictionSubmitted to Wildsounds Festival under Short Stories Based on a true story of clever girls; twins, each of whom was asked to … Continue reading

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A Day in the Lives of Real Angels

Not so very long ago, when I was fit as a butcher’s dog, what seems like a time warp passing across the Milky Way when the seeds of our downfall were sown in a way that’s beyond comprehension, there grew … Continue reading

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Asleep …

(for Chess) Now you are out of grieving sight we think of you as larger than … Our life is so much smaller now than how it was before you were … Asleep you may be gone from view but … Continue reading

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An Invitation

For all those who knew Jamie Dedes, who may ever have encountered her humanity, who may ever have written an essay, a poem, created a piece of art for inclusion either in her personal blog, ‘The Poet by Day’, or … Continue reading

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(for G Jamie Dedes) United we stand, divided we fall. Together we rise. Alone, we hear only the call from sirens of an alternative kind of destiny, where attention seeking soldiers of fortune, their collegial architects and faceless shadows construct … Continue reading

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Barbershop is …

Barbershop is a much misunderstood musical force for good. A kind of Westminster without the politics. Ambassadors without the Ferrero Rocher. Zero8 with an ironically high score a Hallmark of Success, ringing true to their art, on a journey without … Continue reading

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Winter Song

A diaphanous veil of mist had settled sensuously in the valley below. The upper edge of a jigsaw wall, its silhouetted frame that lay beneath a cloud streaked blue, was stark and sharp as the frozen chill of air that … Continue reading

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A Poem for Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

~~~~~ “Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” ~ John Donne (1572-1631) from Meditation XVII  ~~~~~ My grandpa is quite old, … Continue reading

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Lost Gardeners

There was such hustle and bustle where now reflective calm. In the thunderbox room nearby the melon yard haunting echoes of silent voices once green fingers that pressed a trigger for King and country, gently call from an early grave, … Continue reading

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Have you ever felt the mocking tone of those who disagree with common sense whose point of view bears truly little weight. To deny understanding. Socratic debate. For whom jocular bullying is their choice of stick to avoid a dialectic … Continue reading

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