Tall Blonde

(beautiful people, deep and shallow)

There’s plenty of plot and sub-plot here, but the origin of this is an observation of a tall young, rather statuesque girl in the office at work, who was taken on to cover office admin. She has long blond hair and a gypsum white alabaster skin with a pale face that looks a little like it could do with more sleep! She also has the habit of wearing minimal and rather tight dresses. This was extraordinarily distracting for all the red blooded young males in the office (and in the ‘yard’) and, I’m sure, has a host of large athletic square jawed young men vying for her attentions.

The wider perspective in this story is the beautiful people syndrome, about which I have written before. The world’s beautiful people, whilst young, do have a distinct advantage. But, in the long term, life is so often a leveller. It’s biggest challenge for the young, whilst they still have all their faculties, is to have the help and encouragement, the discipline and a bit of luck to steer themselves toward a future that promises to use their own resource,– their application, industry, passion, commitment and courage –that lies beneath the surface of the skin.

I know very little about this particular girl, so this is not personal; she simply triggered the poem, of which I actually wrote the first key lines in the office; a bit unusual for me, really!

(Read the Poem)

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