Kona Macphee

Kona Macphee is a published poet and one of the most accessible I know. Amongst the many things she does, she writes a poem a week and publishes this on her thingwright website. Her POTW poems always have a detailed commentary on what’s behind the poem, which I find unusually honest for a creative artist. This is an aspect, which endeared me to her work, because, from the outset, I had always written notes on each of my poems as they were produced, so I wouldn’t forget the source of my thinking and, perhaps more important, a future generation may find it useful when reading up family history on their father, grandfather, great… etc. So I was pleasantly surprised to find she was doing the same thing, but, it has to be said, with far more erudition.

As well as having a busy schedule – she is an IT consultant, musician, working wife and mother along with regular involvement in the literary scene – she demonstrates a remarkable work ethic, as well as her obvious and considerable talent as a wordsmith.

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