(for Real Heroes)

Think nothing of your movie heroes

Plastic coated with perfect noses,
chiselled jaws and smelling of roses.
Now, think for a moment of reality;

a reality that is raw,
that’s in your face and now, and more;
its deprivation, pain and blood

and fear, real fear, a taste of mud,
of fire or brine and feel the sweat
that chills the skin like death, and yet,

when faced with their mortality,
real courage let them go again
… and go again … and go again!

Think only of Real Heroes, then.

© 2010 John Anstie

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7 Responses to Think

  1. Yes, the real heroes or the real victims.. where is the glory in killing?

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    • PoetJanstie says:

      There’s a thought. I didn’t address the victims in this poem, because what was uppermost in my mind was our perceptions of the modern hero; it was the effect that cinema had, even the supposed realism of graphically descriptive films like ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and particularly the impact that the more recent craze for shoot ’em and nuke ’em digital games has on our psyche about heroes, which is in complete contrast to the reality that was experienced and is now so well documented, for example, in World War One. Thank you for your comment.


  2. A powerful poem John, and came via the Jamie’s link, We can never know what those brave men and women go through as each time they return to War torn countries serving their countries. While those in the movies play act their parts.. Would that those who sent them, feel half of what they go through,.. Thank you for caring
    Lovely Blog you have here…

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  4. We rarely can think of our soldiers in real flesh and blood. If we could , may be there would be no war. We glorify them and sing their praises , but we cannot feel “real fear, a taste of mud,
    of fire or brine and feel the sweat
    that chills the skin like death “.

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  5. This is real. Thank you. (and my words come from the heart).

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