Hearts of Oak

Poppy Field – Courtesy Google Images

In all that’s written of this day
I will say only this:
for every single life that’s lost
hereafter may be bliss,

but not the kind of bliss that you
can feel of heavenly truth,
those dreamy summer days that lost
the innocence of youth.

It isn’t here where rapture found
heroic hearts of oak.
Instead, to free the body’s hurt
and love of life that broke,

in time, the route from suffering,
when they could fight no more,
was caring for their brotherhood,
and yielding life to war.

How soon forgot the agony,
the torture of their ends
and freeing them from all the tears
that tragedy portends.

By all the loved ones left behind
a lasting price is paid.
For they must live with pain of loss,
their own release delayed.

By all their brothers left behind
another price is paid.
For they must live with damaged souls
and minds forever frayed.

So on Remembrance Day, for sure,
when you recall the lost,
remember too the broken souls,
their bliss a greater cost.

© 2012 John Anstie

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