The Pause Button

Sometimes you need to press the pause button;
there is so often no obvious cause, but then
you’re feeling tired, may be you will be fired;
there is a voice of reason tells you when.

You’re in control, it’s easy motoring,
you know the old routine, it’s etched indelibly.
The lights are green, the road is clear, you’ve seen
the way ahead, no lights are red, at least foreseeably.

Like a shark, gills braced with oxygen
the very stuff that fills your life, but then
forget to feed, and bleed some energy;
then you find you cannot swim again.

And when you cannot swim and move
Nor does life’s blood flow through, to keep
Your gills, your lungs, no voice to soothe
Is heard whilst body sinks into the deep.

Sometimes you need to press the pause
There is no rhyme or ruse or cause,
Except to enjoy a golden day, an hour, a minute
Even one second of happy joy or bliss is yours

And once you find this state is life enhancing
It is yours forever to recall, to have a ball
Whenever the stresses fall away, you feel inclined to sing
And thank the Lord you have a life at all

Forget the dust, the wailing child or mouth to feed
It will not want for lack of your attention
You must simply allow yourself the time you need
No one will criticise your momentary abstention

Nothing is lost by doing this, in fact the opposite is true
If you indulge, absorb yourself outside your corse
So many ways there are to ‘vive yourself, you always knew
Sometimes you have to press the pause.

© 2009 John Anstie

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2 Responses to The Pause Button

  1. eden baylee says:

    The message in your poem is wonderfully simple, and yet, so difficult to practice.
    To me, it’s all about living in the moment, appreciating what is happening now, and not rushing to the next goal/activity/destination. Time, after all, is a limited commodity, and some of us are better at squeezing more out of 24-hour days than others.
    We could all use a pause button, just to stop and appreciate those fleeting beautiful moments before the next thought takes over.

    Thanks for sharing this poem, John.


    • PoetJanstie says:

      Thanks for commenting on one of my very early efforts, and for being so complimentary, Eden. Yes it’s true, easy to talk about but not so easy to practise. The other part of the message in the poem is that part of the relaxation, taking time out is a meditative process during which the mind relaxes so as to enable greater efficiency. Don’t you find that tiredness and hence stress makes you rush about, but achieving less and less by the minute, which, if followed to its ultimate conclusion means you end up paralysed into total seisure! I know this is how it is with me. It is at that latter moment when it becomes the hardest thing to do; to stop, pause, breath steadily, focus on physical exercise or something that concentrates the mind and refresh the spirit.


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