On Ego

Ego is good, ego is bad, whatever it is, we need it to keep us alive and hopeful.
It’s what drives people and the baggage they carry that interests me.

2 Responses to On Ego

  1. PoetJanstie says:

    Good heavens, Gael, I’d forgotten about these poems, planted here two years ago and written even longer ago. A bit preachy, I thought. Not my best, but I have to say, having read “Hello, It’s Me” again, I think it’s definitely a performance piece, don’t you think?

    But, thanks for taking time to visit, I appreciate the comment of another poet, especially with a similar mindset, so it seems.


  2. Gael Bage says:

    John, your compassion shines through these poems, took me a while to find them – very glad I did.
    You and I write on very similar subject matter. – Magda thught a poem of of mine was one yours the other day..


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