Tribute to a Sheffield Life

[This poem was prompted by a combination of effects. The first of which was Eden Baylee’s usual ‘Music Monday‘ post, which was rather more mournful than usual, because she recently lost a long time friend, who happened to live in Sheffield. The second prompt was Joe Cocker’s song itself, “You Are So Beautiful”, which is my favourite song from this man, not only because of the song itself, but also because of the passionate way he delivers it. But, above all, this is a tribute and an elegy to the loss of special friends, whoever and wherever they may be]


The threads that join two loyal hearts
will span an ocean of time,
from moments of forgotten art,
the echo of hearts’ rhyme
transcends the avalanche of pain,
that severed threads beget,
as sure as golden leaves shall fall
this love shall not forget.

© 2012 John Anstie

Posted on 8 October, 2012

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