Past Masters

(A Clarian Sonnet)

If I had ever taken note at school,
those moments often shunned by one poor fool,
of literature, philosophy and poems
that offered us the sustenance of tomes.

Be gowned, the masters strenuously plead
that sonnets and soliloquy we read
to dress our minds and feed our souls with love
of words that speak a language from above
our mundane daily toil; speak of the day
when I am moved with eloquence to say
“I understand…” and how he understands!

For when I feel my heart in her soft hands
I move to paint her love with words I feel
embedded in my mind, O sweet reveal.

© 2012 John Anstie

Posted on 4 May, 2012 by PoetJanstie
[This poem was submitted for the ‘FormForAll:Clarian Sonnets’ over at the dVerse Poets Pub where Samuel Peralta (Twitter ID @semaphore) is teaching us about the sonnets of early 19th century poet, John Clare.]

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