Midnigh Morvening

The light it was a brightening
on winter’s dawning day
it was the midnigh morvening
that showed us all the way

and how the beasties of the norn
did plague the Gothan bride,
but facing fiery teeth with Day
the Night stood by her side.

He stood e’er long with triptych scroll
and spake out loud and clear
“behold the midnigh morvening
and be ye of good cheer”

for all the trolls and beasts of nigh
will e’er be gone and soon
the magic of the morvening
‘ll be written in the rune

And so ’twas wrote on old triptych,
on every sleepless bed,
that on the midnigh morvening
the Night and Day are wed.

© 2012 John Anstie
All rights reserved

First published on 19 February, 2012

You can read John’s commentary on this poem here.

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