GRPG Ekphrastic Poetry Prompt

GRPG Ekphrastic Poetry Prompt

When you have given all, then lost,
is this the colour of blame?
The love that drips from your sweet lips
and drowns someone in shame.

When young, their hue was vestal white,
their innocence on view.
As you would vanquish suitors all,
just one will conquer you.

The age of love, engorged with red,
this procreative flower
would then attract them and their charm
laid helpless in your bower.

But summer’s heat and light turned blue
in autumn’s lengthened shade
and, as the scented bloom decays,
a nation’s colours fade.

When you have given all and lost,
is this the colour of blame?
The love that drips from your sweet lips
and drowns someone in shame.

© 2012 John Anstie

Note: This poem is posted for Victoria Slotto’s Writers’ Fourth Wednesday prompt on The Bardo Group blog HERE. We invite you to join us. The prompt is about using color in our writing.

[This was originally the first of a series of picture prompts, which produced some searing poems from the GRPG, all of which can be seen here]

7 Responses to Decline

  1. Such a powerful poem that uses colour with such depth of emotion. Beautifully done.


  2. This is such a great idea–using color to lead through a life time of hope and disappointment. Isn’t color a great tool in our poet’s tool box?


  3. Jamie Dedes says:

    Oh my! First I have to get over that photograph.

    Quite a wonderful poem, John, as are those in the GRPG collection. I liked them all, particularly yours and Peter’s.

    Meanwhile, this one certainly fills the bill for Victoria’s prompt. Sadly – or maybe not – all things come to an end, including the status of our countries. This is so well structured and delivered, John. One feels it in the gut. So glad you join us in this.


    • PoetJanstie says:

      It’s always a pleasure, Jamie, though I feel I am rather dipping in and out of things at the moment. I do like Victoria’s way of expressing her creativity and her brevity in so doing. I’m guessing she’d be a good teacher.


      • Jamie Dedes says:

        We do what we can, eh? Want people to join in and connect and create, but it wasn’t my intention ever to create something onerous for folks … so you’re doing just fine, John. Our blogging activities seem to have their ebbs and flows.

        I agree about, Victoria. She is an excellent teacher and quite clear and thoughtful in her direction.

        Be well, John, and poem on …


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