It feels like autumn
when an adversary takes
the wind from your sales.

When the summer’s sun
fades to distant memory,
slow recovery

moves winter to spring,
and rehabilitates, but
not by thought alone.

© 2011 John Anstie

(View the author’s commentary on this poem)

2 Responses to Recovery

  1. Ruth Hawke says:

    At first I didn’t relate this poem to sport – but now I’ve read your commentary, I have read it differently. I think sometimes, not having a commentary, can allow people to use their imaginations more – this is why I sometimes choose never to read a poet’s commentary, so I can take from the poem what I need.

    A good poem which will reach people in different ways.


    • PoetJanstie says:

      You’ve hit the nail right square on the head. That is precisely how poetry should be read; it is also how any good song should be heard: on your own terms. Unless the words of a poem (or song) are difficult to understand, or maybe just very personal to the writer, I agree with you that the reader should ignore the commentary. I have written commentaries ever since I started writing poetry. The principal reason for this is partly for my own record, but mostly for it to act as an integral part of my ‘memoirs’; therefore for my children and further descendants; call it a contribution to my family history. I have no real ambition to publish (otherwise I wouldn’t be posting them here), not least because I don’t think my poetry is good enough (yet). I befriended a real life published poet (Kona Macphee) over a year ago and discovered that she too (well at least until a couple of weeks ago) published not only her poems but also full and very illuminating commentaries, particularly on one of her web sites. She decided recently to start entering competitions again, because they are potentially very lucrative and she has therefore been throwing away potentially good income, which is rather important to one who is a full time professional writer! Thank you again for your comments.


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