Midnigh Morvening

(A flight of fanciful imagination or what a single word can do)

This is quite possibly the daftest poem I have ever written, but I do like it, not least because the process transported me into a magical world; and there doesn’t appear to be enough magic in the literary world right now … and I mean real magic!

It came to me as a result of a word that popped into my head during a routine conversation with a close bunch of poet-writer friends on Twitter. The word was ‘morvening’; simply a convenient way simultaneously to greet someone in the morning of North America and the evening of Australia! This pays deference to the geography of that particular group of friends. Following a tweet from @fumanchucat (Poet, Jacqueline Dick, in New York) with her suggestion that this word was “sweetly medieval”, my imagination took flight. Thanks Jacquie, and the rest of you for coping with my … eccentricities.

It is always worthwhile taking an opportunity to say thank you to those particular friends, with whom I have been ‘close’ for nearly a year. The #GRPG (you know who you are), I consider that I owe you my gratitude, because of these sometimes daft, but always funny exchanges we continually share on Twitter in less than 140 characters (and elsewhere). I have learned a lot from each of you (takes his hat off; does a sweeping bow). What has happened up to now has added value to my life. Whatever happens from here on, I will consider to be a bonus; a bonus that will have to be earned …

Enjoy the poem

4 Responses to Midnigh Morvening

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  2. dystenium says:

    More, please!

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  3. This flowed so well and I enjoyed your process note, too. It made me think of Ireland…?

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