Message from Mother Earth

(listening to our conscience)

I awoke this morning at 3:30am to a particularly raucous dawn chorus. At the very moment of waking, I was conscious that, just momentarily, I wasn’t breathing; one of those moments when maybe you stop breathing for an instant’s contemplation in a dream. As soon as I regained consciousness, the first line came to me. Simultaneously, the bio of a fellow Twitter follower, rgogos, also prompted me. In this she says that she is “Fond of… the kind of silence that makes you strain to hear the earth breathing”. So I give full acknowledgement to Roberta for the opening lines of this poem. Her Daily Grapevine is evidence of her creative energy, for at least part of the inspiration for this poem.

The rest of the words, I hope, speak for themselves. I confess that there is a lot more meaning inside this poem than at first meets the eye, but I shall resist explaining it all, for fear I’ll spoil your own interpretation.

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P.S. Addendum: I’m a liar! There was no dawn chorus at 3:30am in the morning; it doesn’t start until 4:45 or 5:00am; I know that because I woke up early some days afterwards and actually went downstairs to record the dawn chorus. I was awake at 3:30am, though; must have been so absorbed with composing this poem that my sense of time became somewhat distorted! I also regret to report that Roberta Gogos’ ‘Daily Grapevine’ is no longer accessible by the above link.

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