Listen, You!

This poem was written against myself!

I have for many years been guilty of reacting or responding, in writing, without fully digesting the question, the post or the point of what I’m commenting on, answering or reacting to.


I’m not on my own…

Blogosphere, Facebook and any other of the innumerable social media sites I am sure are full of comment trails and posts full of comments, which clearly leave the point, wander into rants; I’ve done it so often and sometimes it makes interesting reading. However, I have recently, been involved in ‘conversations. which have not only shown me up as guilty of not paying attention to the point, but also others. It is a sign of internal anger at a situation, which, I guess, has to come out sometime.

This poem, therefore, is a little bit of a sideswipe at my own, as well as others’ occasional tendency for unthinking response.

In conclusion

Writing, Blogging, Tweeting, Facebook’ing, along with one or two exceptional individuals I have met along the way, have all taught me a great deal about ‘listening’, concentrating and, above all, showing respect for what the writer is trying to say.

(Read the Poem)

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