New World Creative Union

A group of creative souls, which is the brain-child of Natasha Head and Roger Allen Baut (if I have excluded anyone from this credit, please shout at me!) and named the New World Creative Union. It was a pleasant surprise to find myself invited to become a member of this union early in February 2012. It started as a Facebook Closed Group, which, at the time of writing, has 243 members. It also has its own blog, including its Directory of Artists, with their individual biographies. Representing the interests not only of Literature, but also of Audio and Visual arts, the NWCU’s stated aim are, and I quote: “Sharing the work of artists around the world in a free and caring environment. Leave your egos at the door, leave your work on our wall and welcome to the New World Creative Union”. It strives to encourage and promote painters, sculptors, writers, poets, photographers, film-makers, musicians, actors, dancers and interactive media; in fact any form of art.

Don't leave without letting me know your feelings...

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