I’m In A Band

(for young musicians, wannabe’s and ego)

Wrote this with thoughts of my son and fell to wondering whether they had used the girl singer they’d recently introduced and then my thoughts fell slightly controversially to the theme of today’s (and yesterday’s) youth and ‘boys’ in particular, who want to be in a band. My son’s current band, it has to be said is not your vehicle to women, wine and song, it is a far more mature and professional outfit.

The theme of this poem turned out to be rather more expansive. It’s just as its subtitle states, but deeper than that, evokes a little of the feelings and appetites of young men and the various ways they dream of finding their ‘eye-candy’, the ‘bird’ to embellish their ego (that word again) but preferably without too much brain (dangerous for young men!), and make them the envy of all their mates. There’s a lot of metaphor, particularly in the middle verses, reflecting the near helpless state of young men with ambition and testosterone coursing their veins!

There are plenty of young, or recently ex-young men, who will know these feelings and recognise the sentiments.

This poem is one that needs to be performed, preferably by me, because I know how it flows. I ought to put a recording of me reading it on this site… watch this space!

(Read the Poem)

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