I Want To Know

(A Shakespearean Sonnet)

This sonnet was written, following their engagement, for my son and his then future wife and, perhaps, with a speech at their wedding in mind. It quickly turned into ‘life’ in a few lines.

In its original edit, it had a number of errors of poetical form, that meant it wasn’t a proper sonnet, but it is now (in the Shakespearean form).

It is a very special poem to me, not only because of the Christian connotation and sentiment, which I find playing an increasing part in my life again, thanks in no small part to my son becoming Christian and of course to my daughter-in- law, but also because this poem seems, for me, to encapsulate the optimism in their lives as they are now and as I see them in the future; and all in fourteen lines! I did read it to them both at their wedding service, only, by their request, the original incorrect form; love won over pride.

(Read the Poem)

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