A Letter to D Cameron Esq.

The letter is not written yet, but the following represents my posit (that is my assumption of the facts; put forward as a basis of argument) and my requirements: –

This government, whom, it has to be said, I voted for, and who have inherited a debt burden and deficit from the previous administration, has, amongst its many responsibilities, a particular duty. There is a part of this debt burden, which is due to ‘loans’ made to those errant banks, who failed to manage their risk properly. I am going to write, therefore, as a member of the taxpaying public, to ask him, as would be expected of any lender, to lay out the government’s plan and schedule for repayment of said debt, bank by bank, year by year. 

There has to be a plan, but I don’t believe there is one. It is more worrying still that there is an economic crisis in Europe, nay the World, which could conveniently provide a smoke screen of sufficient duration, for this ‘little’ problem to be swept under the carpet. Not for me it won’t, Mr Cameron.

I am currently seeking advice from a policy wonk ;-).

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