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Painted Hearts

(for BJ) You paint for love and making home a warm and loving place to be I paint with words my heart’s relief at knowing you’re still with me. And, whilst we seem to play away with different loves, divergent … Continue reading

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The Poppy

When I see a poppy I see the symbol of something that it’s easy to forget; not a logo, a stripe or a statement of rank. It’s neither corporate image nor party colour, nor crucifix. It is not even… …a … Continue reading

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I walked and wandered, we talked, I sang, but also had to sit awhile for what seemed like an age. You’d had a surfeit at the bar you had leaked a bit from both ends… and seemed uncomfortable, unhappy, not … Continue reading

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A Lion is Born

(For Leo) It was amid an Indian summer, deep in the season’s golden glow when we would normally expect the crisp and still of autumn’s chill, beckonning a hint of winter’s snow. For two days there had been no cloud. … Continue reading

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Imagine if you will one day in nineteen fifty one a babe was born, a girl, and a special life begun. When she was two, but why would anyone resist the apple of her doting father’s eye and her mother’s … Continue reading

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Jessica Tenth of May

Jessica Tenth of May, we love you dear. We love the very day that you were born; a time of year when you can always hear bird song echo spring across the lawn. The time of year that follows, after … Continue reading

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